Our Litter Wardens

Our Water Butt which we use for cleaning our equipment and watering our school garden!


In May, 2011, we were awarded our third Green Flag for our efforts in water conservation. Well done to Ms. Feehan and the Green Schools Committee (GSC). We are very proud of this achievement. We worked hard to win this award by raising awareness of the issues surrounding water conservation in our school. We monitored our water usage carefully to reduce the amount we use in the school.The children were involved in carrying out the following projects in school among others:

  • Water Usage Survey
  • Installing push taps
  • Installing Water Hippos
  • Installing a Water Butt
  • Water Awareness Campaign

The GSC drew up an action plan outlining our targets for reducing our water consumption and the Green Schools Noticeboard is updated by the GSC regularly to inform the school community of our progress.

We continue to reduce the amount of litter and waste in our school and environment.We have litter wardens and compost bins, we shred paper and collect and use recyclable materials in arts & crafts. We are a collection centre for mobile phones, batteries and ink cartridges. We also continue to decrease our energy consumption by keeping track of our energy bills. We keep appliances switched off when not in use and keep our doors and windows shut to keep in the heat! As a result of all these efforts, we have been named the Tidiest School Grounds in Limerick and Adare.

Our Water Code is:
"Water won't last forever, so treat it as a treasure!!"

Tidiest School in Limerick Award

We have calculated the running cost of every electrical applicance in our school to raise awareness of our energy consumption

Making Bird Feeders

Our Water Survey - We used 1,280 litres of water in the school in one day - We needed to reduce this!!

Raising our 3rd Green Flag

We made great progress reducing our water consumption month by month!

Our Day of Action

We also monitored how much water each of us were using and reduced that too!

We installed push taps to decrease the amount of water we use!

We also installed Water Hippos to reduce the amount of water used when flushing our toilets!

We made our own 'green' cleaning products to help the environmet!!!

Meeting Shrek and Donkey at our Green Schools Ceremony

Doing a spot of 'green' cleaning with our homemade cleaning products!

Our Classroom is a perfect 18 degrees!

Reading the meter to track our energy consumption
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