School Sport

We like to stay active in Our Lady's Abbey, so much so that we received the Munster and All-Ireland Active School Awards two years in a row. We are also the first school in Ireland to receive three Active School Flags for our efforts in promoting physical activity.

We believe that children should be encourged to stay as active as possible including at break times. However, staying active has to be fun so the children are encouraged to play yard leagues at break time. Leagues have included Netball, Table tennis, Rounders and Foam Polo to name a few. We also have different "Yard Zones" where we play Golf, agility training, parachute games, penalty shoot outs and much more on our break times. Our older girls are "Play Leaders" and they take responsibility for monitoring equipment, scoreboards and help the younger girls to learn how to play the new games on the different "Yard Zones". Check out all the sports that we do!!

Munster Rugby Stars Jean De Villiers and Paul Warwick support our Tag Rugby Tournament!

Jean De Villiers and Paul Warwick give us Rugby tips!!

Learning cycling skills!

Learning cycling skills!


The Badminton Team

Senior Football Team

Ciarán Carey training our camogie players

Camogie Training

Stretching before training

Brian Begley training our camogie players

Indoor Hurling

Indoor Soccer

Proudly holding the Daly Cup which was won by the Adare Senior Hurlers who came to visit us!


Blanket Volleyball on te Yard

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

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